Start Your Life Abundance was started through a passion for helping others to realise their own inner light.

Liz is a personal coach specialising in emotional elevation. After realising that most illnesses are caused through the lack of conscious control of emotions, she began to focus her content and coaching on helping people to find inner happiness to regain health. When emotions are allowed to run rampart our bodies suffer through stress and anxiety, therefore leading our physical bodies to suffer as well.

Emotions are purely energy and through energy healing as a qualified vibrational therapist and reiki healing, Liz has had great success at helping her clients to balance their holistic bodies in order to gain their health back.

“Something very out of the box for me, I went in somewhat sceptical however what an awesome experience. I felt quite moved and very enlightened after my appointment. I didn’t expect to physically feel anything however the feelings are very real and I can’t explain the spiritual effect it had on me. I will absolutely be back. Thanks so much Liz!”

In realising the power that the human body has to heal itself, Liz searched for products that could help bring equilibrium and balance back into the body, mind and spirit, in order to give the body a better chance to fight every day toxins so it can heal itself. After researching many products she proudly puts her name to 3 products.

1. Protandim by Lifevantage.
Protandim contains only natural ingredients being the 5 powerful herbs Tumeric, Ashwaghanda, Milk Thistle, Bucopa and Green Tea. After 40 years of development it was found that these 5 ingredients in a specific combination have the effect of switching on the NRF2 pathway helping the body to create many more anti-oxidants in order to help the body fight toxins. It is the leading NRF2 activator in the world and is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress in 30 days.

2. zazen Alkaline Water Filter.
When our water is cleaned for drinking it goes through several processes to make it safe. Chemicals are added and the good minerals and nutrients are stripped out in the process. This results in our drinking water not being of the quality needed to be absorbed properly by our bodies. The zazen strips out the harmful chemicals, heavy metals and toxins from the water and then adds the beneficial minerals and nutrients back in, to create a yummy and perfectly alkaline water that is not only absorbed better by the body, but is much better for your health.

3. TESLA purple Positive Energy Plate.
Nikola Tesla called these plates “antennas or carriers of free energy”. Tesla Plates raise the vibrational state of energy of the human body, as measurements with radionic devices indicate. Tesla (Purple) Plates can create a harmonizing field affecting body and soul positively. There have been many positive results from people using these plates and they can be used to balance the energy of many things, such as food, water, plants, crystals, sleep and your health.