Our purpose as a company is to change the way the world works out. At Studio Pilates International, we believe that exercise should be inspiring, intense, safe, and it should be done in style.

Studio Pilates radically reshapes your body, giving you the physique you’ve always wanted. Studio Pilates is unlike other Pilates classes and other forms of exercise, sculpting your body in a very unique way.

Firstly, your Studio Pilates workouts incorporate the Pilates reformer, a spring loaded machine which was designed over 90 years ago by Joseph Pilates. The reformer machines specifically targets not only the larger muscle groups, but also the smaller accessory muscles, which you never even knew you had. This combination of working both the large and smaller muscles combined with Studio Pilates’ scientifically designed choreography means you receive maximum results fast, transforming your body’s problem areas and changing your body for life.

In your Studio Pilates classes, we also focus on targeting and isolating specific deep core muscles. These include the Transversus Abdominus muscle and the Pelvic Floor. We call the simultaneous contraction of these two muscles the ‘T-zone’ for short. It is scientifically proven that through working these deep core muscles, you can dramatically flatten your abs more effectively than any other type of abdominal workout. This is why up until now, all of those sit ups have been a total waste of time!

With a new workout each day to experience, Studio Pilates will reshape your body leaving you looking trim, toned and transformed in a very short period of time.