My name is Tegan Rein and I am a Life Coach based in Cairns. The past few years have been one of major transformation for me, perhaps where I started is something you can relate to?

I was stuck at a fork in the road, unable to decide where to go, what to do…
I didn’t know myself anymore, I felt completely disconnected and out of balance.

A few hard lessons and miracles in life have found true clarity on my purpose and mission here in this lifetime.

12 months ago, I was bed ridden and very close to slipping into a coma. I was completely reliant on others to help me after contracting Type 1 and type 2 Dengue fever, this is something I am still on the mend from and getting better every day. 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with PTSD following an incident where I helped bring a man back to life who almost drowned. Its these dramatic and soul clenching experiences that have brought me a depth and drive that I can only explain as a feeling of the Phoenix rising from the Ashes!

Coming from a corporate background and studying as a life coach I now have happiness, balance and most of all a sense I am fullfilling my life purpose AND it feels amazing! I have been on the personal development journey now since 2004 and gone on to study Life Coaching for the past 2 years. I intend to live life inline with my soul purpose and am now dedicated to helping others do the same through ‘The Nourish Your Soul Movement’ Its now my turn to pay forward the incredible service given to me.

NYS is a Tribe connected to a higher purpose. Keep an eye out for global online events, empowerment seminars, moon circles & retreats.