Create Your Top Life today!

“The first step to change is taking one step in a different direction”

Roberta a mother, wife and entrepreneur always has had a passion in living life to the fullest in health and happiness from a young age. Her bubbly personality and huge smile has always been of service in supporting others in feeling happy and encouraged to go out and be more and do more. Roberta experienced a few health difficulties that lead her to live and learn a variety of self help modalities in health and wellness for the past 7 years. During this time Roberta was inspired to become a wellness coach and founded Top Living International offering her Create and Live your Top Life retreats and coaching services. During her recent 8 year journey Roberta has met and learnt different tools and wellness modalities available from many talented people which supported her in creating and living her top life.

What I Do
For years I have helped empower people to help them in creating their top life and to be at their best in mind, body and spirit! I have simple tools and strategies which help to inspire and motivate people to achieve their full potential in life. Which they truly deserve and desire from their heart. The heart is the place where dreams come from and start. Why not make it a reality?

Why I Do It
Everyone deserves to have their best life and we all learn from one another. I once was told to get something different we need to try something new! That was the first step I took in helping me achieve positive changes in my life.