Robert McAlpine and Renee Cashman combine forces to bring you a unique mix of healing arts to help bring balance, peace and self reliance to your life.

Robert McAlpine has a background as a Medic and First Aid Trainer, worked in Mines Rescue and as an Assistant in Operating Theatres before becoming a Reiki Master and then studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and undertaking personal training for Korean Hand Acupuncture from Grand Master Kyu Sik Shin. Robert has trained for over 14 years in Tang Soo Do and is a 2nd Dan in Tang Soo Do Moo Rim Kwan. He has 3 Dojangs across the Tablelands teaching martial arts throughout the region. Qigong has been part of this martial arts journey and he is a Certified Trainer in Qigong under Master Simon Blow.

Renee Cashman is also a Reiki Master for over 15 years and a Sound Therapist using a unique array of healing instruments to bring harmony back to body, mind and spirit. She holds regular Sound meditations and released numerous meditation CDs. Renee is also studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and is also a Certified Trainer in Qigong under Master Simon Blow and has trained in Karate for over 8 years.

Renee is president of not-for-profit organisation Bee Universal Inc and is manager of the local holistic magazine, Connect Magazine for over 14 years. Renee also hosts the Connect in Harmony Radio Program on Cairns FM 89.1