Treating the whole person, not just a body part, is the philosophy behind Wellness Embodied.

We specialise in chronic pain management, insurance claims, headaches and spinal pain. We also offer medical acupuncture, Clinical Pilates and Craniosacral therapy. Founder Suzanne Rath. BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy. MSC. Sport & Exercise Medicine promotes healthy, pain free bodies, through physiotherapist-led holistic treatments that include:

Physiotherapy services tailored to deliver healing and strength. We first diagnose the problem, then provide treatment to address the cause, providing pain relief and aiding recovery. Specialise in headaches, back pain and joint pain, including shoulders, hips and knees. Acute and chronic issues.

Clinical Pilates differs from many Pilates classes offered at gyms and otherwise. These classes focus on training the deep stabilising muscles to help relieve pain and improve posture, rather than taking the form of a strenuous or aerobic workout.

Craniosacral Therapy
An alternate therapy which focusses on enabling every cell in your body to function at its optimum level. Treatment is designed to correct structural imbalances, restore impeded circulation, alleviate nerve impingement and promote healing.

Rehab Room
The Rehab Room, located in our Cairns CBD physio clinic, is a space for performance and progression of your physiotherapy rehab exercises under the skilled guidance of our exercise physiologist. Containing specialised Pilates, biofeedback and proprioception equipment, along with free weights, etc., sessions are limited to 5 clients and last for 55 minutes each.

Suzanne graduated from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy in 2006. She also holds a Masters in Sport and Exercise Medicine from the same university. She provides professional physiotherapist services from two Cairns locations.

Furthering training with a DMA Clinical Pilates 1 & 2, Suzanne offers 1:1 Clinical Pilates training and general rehabilitation exercises. This can complement physiotherapy treatment sessions and/or assist a graduated return to work / sport programs.

Suzanne is passionate about providing a fully integrated diagnosis and treatment program, providing relief from acute and chronic conditions, and a pathway forward for long term recovery and patient benefits.