Wholehealth Discount Drug Store and Healthfoods is Australia’s first pharmacy group to offer a true, holistic approach to health and well-being.

We offer the traditional pharmacy services Australians trust and rely on plus the countries widest and most affordable ranges of organic and natural products across skincare, beauty, nutrition and healthfoods.


The concept for Wholehealth Discount Drug Store and Healthfoods was born when we really started listening to what our customers were asking for. They wanted the best of both worlds – professional service and advice in a traditional pharmacy setting combined with access to holistic health services and a wide selection of organic and natural products. We found the more we experimented with natural products, the more customers asked for and before we knew it, we had a completely new concept on our hands.

We had run our holistic pharmacy concept successfully for many years and loved seeing our customers happy and satisfied with our offering. But there is always room to improve and we took a huge leap in 2011, transforming our Pease St, Cairns store by doubling its footprint, increasing the range of Wholehealth products on offer, introducing the services of an in-house naturopath and adding an in-store healthy cafe. We wanted to create a destination where our customers enjoyed shopping, could afford to experiment with new products, and offered a relaxed and casual place to catch up with friends. The success of this store led us to launch a new store at the all new Barr St Markets in Cairns in May 2017.

We have a large format Wholehealth Discount Drug Store and Healthfoods opening on the Sunshine Coast in October 2017 and three Brisbane locations in-store for early 2018, bringing holistic health care to more Australians.


To provide a holistic approach to health and wellness, giving Australians easy access to everyday low prices on organic and natural products alongside the professional services and advice offered by traditional pharmacies.

The shopping experience will be easy, informative, affordable and fun. Our team of fully trained, professional staff will work alongside you, enabling you and your family to live a healthy lifestyle.