Jai Hunter is a Level 2 certified Forrest Yoga Teacher. Her classes are full of love and passion. She inspires others to get onto their mat through her own journey to the practice.

What is the practice of Forrest Yoga?

Forrest yoga will increase your overall strength with a primary focus on the core. You will be strong, centred and more in touch with your authentic self leading to better mental clarity and decision making.

Neither strength, flexibility or an established practice is required – all you need is a willingness to learn, to feel authentically and to respond honestly.

Group Classes
Classes are tailored to a particular level allowing you to continue to develop your practice at whichever point you are at on your yogic journey.
​My classes will vary from True Forrest to Forrest Inspired and our experienced teaching team offer a variety of other styles to suit everyone’s needs.

Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnancy is a scared ceremony. It is a special, magical and amazing time. It is a celebration of the creation of a miracle. Creating life from a mothers own blood and bones. Yoga helps a mother transition through this period of massive transformation! Motherhood is a gift – Give your child the gift of love from day one!

Private Yoga Classes
Working one on one is specifically designed for:-

  • People with injuries
  • People wanting to advance their practice
  • Breath work
  • Increasing body awareness

    I work closely with you to identify the core issue and classes are tailored specifically for you. A private class is the greatest gift you can give yourself.