Project Category: 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Earthing Lab

Welcome to the Earthing Lab. GUEST PRESENTER: Meet Laura, the owner of Earthing Oz – the very first company in Australia to offer customers practical, indoor earthing solutions… I grew up in the UK, and after school I studied at The London School of Economics, obtained an BSc Economics degree. The corporate world beckoned me, and my younger self hungered for success and riches, and I believed a City job was where my happiness would lie. In 2004 I immigrated to Sydney, Australia and continued working in the corporate world. Although the financial security was great, my sense of...

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Passion Lab

Welcome to the Passion Lab. Guest Presenters: The story of her widowhood has been how many people have come to know Amanda; but way before that, when she was only sixteen, Amanda was investing in others, teaching young children, learning how to listen, learning how to empower and bring out the best in others. From her teens till now she has been a natural and passionate teacher, coach, and encourager in an incredibly diverse range of expressions. Amanda uses the focus and techniques of coaching with her passion and determined belief in people’s worth to see many, many lives...

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