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Biohack Lab

Welcome to the Biohack Lab. Guest Presenters: Dr Greg Emerson is an internationally recognised integrative medical specialist and founder of Treat the Cause Clinic. Specialising in complicated multi system disease, Dr Emerson’s investigative approach looks for the root cause of disease which involves untangling the web that has led to disease. Passionate about sustainability, self-sufficiency, neo-aboriginal life ways and wilderness survival, he now lives and works at the exciting crossroads where scientific evidence and evolutionary knowledge merge. A renowned educator, Dr. Todd Lizon (B.P.H.E., D.C.) is the founder and CEO of Lifestyle Integration. Todd has been a practicing chiropractor...

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Nourish Lab

Welcome to the Nourish Lab. Guest Presenter: Internationally acclaimed masterchef, speaker, author, teacher and television presenter in wholefood dairyfree cooking, Chef Cynthia Louise is the Real Food Chef. She is fast becoming one of the most sought-after speakers of today. Loved by thousands for her raw, passionate and enigmatic onstage presentations, Chef Cynthia Louise is a breath of fresh air in the ‘wellness & nutrition’ industries. Her talks and cooking demonstrations are playful, dynamic and truly inspirational. Since beginning her career in the kitchen of one of Australia’s top luxury health retreats, Chef Cynthia has worked with doctors in...

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Health Optimisation Lab

Welcome to the Health Optimisation Lab. Guest Presenters: Since 1984 when Christiane Wagner became a Registered Nurse, she has been continuously participating in training to upgrade her capacity to provide holistic care, advice and support to her clients. By focusing on the whole individual, Christiane is able to tailor treatments to address diverse problems, emotions and support clients to find a balanced, healthy life style. In 1991, when one of her family members was born without a bladder and needed the urethra planted into the gut, Christiane became aware of the importance of body pH, vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes and...

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