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Women’s Lab

Welcome to the Women’s Lab. Guest Presenters: Kylie Cloney BHSc. Health Science & Wellness. is a practicing Health Scientist with a major in Complementary Medicine. Her passion lies in measuring and assessing functional pathology, and bio-regulatory markers to enhance health and wellbeing so her patients can live their best lives. She is founding director of Kylie Cloney-Health Science and Wellness Clinic and Cairns Naturopathic Clinic as well as a practicing consultant, speaker & educator. Kylie values Integrative Health care and delivers a unique combination of Bio Regulatory Medicine, Science Based Natural Health, Epigenetics and Personal Growth Mentoring. Kylie is...

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Brain Lab

Welcome to the Brain Lab. Guest Presenter: Rob Gronbeck is an applied neuroscientist-practitioner who coaches athletes, students and professionals to higher levels of cognitive and emotional intelligence and function. I’ve worked with athletes who have gone on to become Australian Champions, International Representatives, World Championship medalists, and much more, and I’m widely sought out by organisations to share my knowledge on how to train the brain for greater focus, composure and flow using cognitive training, neuro-biofeedback and brain stimulation devices. Founder of The Brain Room, this is the first of its kind in the world, bringing cutting edge, proven,...

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Passion Lab

Welcome to the Passion Lab. Guest Presenter: The story of her widowhood has been how many people have come to know Amanda; but way before that, when she was only sixteen, Amanda was investing in others, teaching young children, learning how to listen, learning how to empower and bring out the best in others. From her teens till now she has been a natural and passionate teacher, coach, and encourager in an incredibly diverse range of expressions. Amanda uses the focus and techniques of coaching with her passion and determined belief in people’s worth to see many, many lives...

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