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Days For Girls

As spoken to Emma Lodge | August 2017   No more missing class. Period. Every month, millions of women and girls miss work and school because they lack something essential: feminine hygiene supplies. Days for Girls is giving back days of education and opportunity to thousands of women and girls in over 100 countries. Emma: Can you give me a background on what Days for Girls is? Janice: Days for Girls is a global organisation that provides sustainable feminine hygiene kits to over 640,000 women and girls in over 100 countries. There is a global network of over 800 volunteer...

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Inhale. Exhale. Just Breathe

As spoken to Emma Lodge | July 2017   What if just 3 minutes of breathing properly could immediately transform your body and state of mind? What if we all started practicing a daily ritual of 3 minute deep breathing, could we alleviate much of the stress and anxiety in society today? What if just 3 minutes of daily deep breathing could foster a calmer, more connected community? What if we could teach deep breathing to our children and youth and have that embedded into all Australian primary and secondary schools for just 3 minutes each day? Well that’s the...

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